Friday, September 21, 2007

Thing #6 Flickr Mashups & 3rd Party Tools

Way over my head! I'm not sure I get the idea behind this tool. I need more time to really
understand what it is all about. I think the gist of it is to put pictures together from different
sources in order to share, educate, inspire, for fun or for whatever reason. I like the idea (if my
understanding is correct) I just have not mastered the process to any acceptable degree. Where
there is life, there is hope...

Thing #2 Lifelong Learning

The learning habit I found hardest was to take advantage of technology. I find it easier to do things the way I'm use to doing them, the 'old fashioned' way. I'm beginning to see that there
could be a more efficient way of doing things with all this new technology at our fingertips. However, my current situation is such that I don't have to use the new technology for the things
I'm doing in my life and work. That is not a good excuse for not being familiar with them and I look forward to at least becoming familiar with what's available for use so that when and if I ever need to use the technology I'll know it's there and how to find out how to use it. One of the
easier habits for me would be Habit #1: Begin with the end in mind. Setting goals. I'm good at setting goals I'm just not good at prioritizing what my goals are so maybe one of my goals should be to prioritize my goals! I've heard and have experienced it for myself, that when I write down
my goals I am more likely to accomplish them. Sounds easy but it really works.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thing 23! Summarize

I must say I started on this journey expecting much pain and torment and except for a few of the exercises I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was way wrong! I enjoyed exploring all
the different sites and seeing all the different options we have as far as technologies and information gathering, storing and sharing. Who knew! Now we know and though my understanding is far from complete I feel less intimidated to try new things and explore what
is out there. It's exciting for me to see how much we can do! I think, overall, this was a good experience for me. One I would not have chosen for myself but am glad that it was provide for
me. I would participate in another project if need be. One of the issues I had with the program was the pace at which I had to work. I would need more time to really get into and understand what these things are all about. I had to rush through them but that may have been a blessing
in disguise because you could probably spend too much time on some of these Things. Overall,
I'm glad I was able to participate.

Thing #22 Audio Books

I found lots of audio books I would like to download! I'm gonna to soon as I figure out how. Loved this exercise!

Thing #21 Podcasts

I liked searching for podcasts on a variety of subjects. Had a little difficulty adding them to bloglines but thanks to a very helpful coworker (thank you again!) was able to successfully the podcast feed to
my bloglines account. Did not know about podcasts before and can see that they would be
a very hand tool in our quest to get more information!

Thing 20 You Tube

I like You Tube. I haven't found any videos I found a good use of my time but then again I did not have much time to look around. Will get back to it. I can see where this would be a handy tool at the library. It would be good if you had a specific item you wondered about or maybe a certain political or pop personality was in the news and you wanted to get more info or feedback
you could probably find it you tube. There is some stuff that junk there but that can't be helped and with any kind of searching on the web you have to be careful. Overall though, I see the attraction.

Thing #19 Awards List

I explored Arcaplay on the 2.O Winners List. It was great! So many games so little time!
I liked the variety on the site. Many different games to pick from, many categories. Something
for everyone! I can see the site being useful at the library for teens or younger (or older). Something fun for them to do while they are visiting the library and all their homework is done.